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TYBCA 5th Sem

Monday i.e 11th August TYBCA SEM 5 lecture (System Programming) at 9:45am 

by Prof Pooja 

5th Sem

Pay University Re-Registration  Fees  Rs. 9,200/- 

+ DD Making Charges Rs. 70/- Last Date : 25th July 2014

 Pay Fees Rs. 13,500/- Cash Or Chq. on 20th July 2014

Check " Exam Time-Table "


TYBCA 2011- 2012

TMV  (Tilak Maharashtra VidyapeethUniversity

For Applying Transfer/Leaving Certificate

Students has  to go personally   

Amount payable - Rs.100 By cash

Documents to carry : 
12 Mark sheet & Leaving certificate original 
1 attested copy of TY result
 Letter from St. Andrews Institute - stating period of education. 

Migration :

Form has to be filled at St. Andrew’s Inst.– we will let you the dates for the same Rs. 170/- for the form & 
Rs. 230/- for the Certificates 
Document: 1 attested copy of TY result 

Bonafied Certificate :
Students has  to go to university office  personally  

Carry the application stating the reason for the Bonafied.

Amount payable - Rs.100 By cash

Document: 1 attested copy of TY sem V  result

Timings of University : Mon to Friday 10 to 2 P.M. and saturday 10 to 11 a.m.

Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth
Vidyapeeth Bhavan, Gultekadi, Pune 411 037
Phone: 020-24261856, 24264699, 24267888

** Please note above all the payments is payable to the University & Institute is not  Charging  any thing  for the same.
IMP Note: Students are not allowed to enter  the Institute  office without  ID cards & they will not be entertained for any work without their ID card.